This entire week, we're celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pantera's legendary seventh album, 'Far Beyond Driven.' The band will release a special edition of the record to commemorate its two-decade milestone on March 25, and to usher in the excitement, we're premiering a total of 10 videos starring vocalist Philip Anselmo.

Reflecting on the songs themselves along with Pantera's career as a whole, Anselmo leads fans back to 1994, exploring 10 out of the 12 tracks released on 'Far Beyond Driven.' Starting off the festivities, Anselmo begins with 'Strength Beyond Strength,' the rabid opener from 'Far Beyond Driven.'

"I was an rambunctious child," begins Anselmo. "None of it is regrettable, lyrically. You can look back at your lyrics and snicker. I'll always do, whether I'm embarrassed over it, or whether I'm embarrassed over it, or whether I'm embarrassed over it. You can tell growing spurts and pains and where you were in life, so I don't know. Strength f---ing Beyond Strength is the old puffin' the chest up, 'look at us now,' we're as cute as [we're] f---ing extreme."

Check out Philip Anselmo's insight on 'Strength Beyond Strength' in the video above and brace yourself for more exclusive videos as we roll 'em out throughout the week.

Be sure to enter our 'Far Beyond Driven' prize pack contest by checking out the widget below. To buy the 20th anniversary edition of 'Strength Beyond Strength,' which includes a nine-song live performance from Pantera from the 1994 Monsters of Rock Festival, click here.