Break out that calendar and circle May 13. That's when Pierce the Veil will release their latest studio album, Misadventures, via Fearless Records.

The band just announced the details concerning their new album, including the artwork and track listing (both seen below), as well as revealing that a song called "Texas Is Forever" will be their lead single and releasing a new album trailer that can be seen above.

"I'd like to tell you that everything went as planned, but it didn't," says a voice in the trailer above, offering a few more insights into the creation of the album and why it's titled Misadventures.

As for "Texas Is Forever," the song is described as "a punk flavored song that goes back to the band's roots" and "begs to be played live." The track is also the fastest song the band has ever written. Look for "Texas Is Forever" to arrive on March 24.

For Misadventures, Pierce the Veil reunited with producer Dan Korneff, who also co-produced the band's Collide album. They recorded the disc at his Long Island studio in multiple sessions between the summer of 2014 and the summer of 2015. "It was exciting to do another record with Dan," said vocalist Vic Fuentes. "We had gotten to know him really well on 'Collide,' so there wasn't that initial period where you're trying to get to know each other. We just dove in and started to make music right away."

Fuentes revealed that he visited New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, the Southern California mountain resort Big Bear, Santa Barbara and Seattle, pulling inspiration for the writing. "I wanted every song to have real meaning, and thought that in spending time in different places, I'd find new inspirations - that's exactly what happened," says the singer.

Check out the track listing and artwork for Pierce the Veil's Misadventures below, and stay tuned for tour dates to be announced soon.

Pierce the Veil, Misadventures Track Listing

1. "Dive In"
2. "Texas Is Forever"
3. "The Divine Zero"
4. "Floral & Fading"
5. "Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed"
6. "Circles"
7. "Today I Saw the Whole World"
8. "Gold Medal Ribbon"
9. "Bedless"
10. "Sambuka"
11. "Song for Isabelle"

Pierce the Veil, Misadventures Artwork

Fearless Records
Fearless Records

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