We've been fans of Puscifer for quite some time, so we couldn't be happier to premiere the official video for "The Remedy."

"The Remedy" is one of the standout tracks from Puscifer's third full-length album, Money Shot. "Grand Canyon" has already received a clip celebrating the majesty of the desert, while the album's title track was accompanied by a bizarre look into the world of lucha libre. Puscifer and frontman Maynard James Keenan just can't get wrestling off the mind these days, as you'll see in "The Remedy."

Puscifer constantly blur the lines between comedy and utmost seriousness, and "The Remedy" walks both paths. While jamming inside a squared circle, "The Remedy" tells the story of a lonely, retired wrestler looking through memories of his past. A scrapbook is filled with moments from his glory days, which are long behind him, as evidenced by an impressive beer gut.

As the old man busts out his mask and tights, you can't help but feel for him while giggling at the pathetic ridiculousness of it all. Behind the silliness is a sense of overwhelming emptiness, maybe because it represents a place in life we hope to never occupy. Meanwhile, in a Tarantino-esque twist, a briefcase hides the clip's major catalyst.

Check out our exclusive premiere of Puscifer's video for "The Remedy" above! To grab a copy of Money Shot, click here. Also, make sure to catch Puscifer on their current North American tour dates.

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