Queensryche have been on an impressive run in the studio and onstage since enlisting the services of singer Todd La Torre. Their latest artistic expression comes in the form of the mysterious video for "Eye9" off their 2015 effort, Condition Human, which is exclusively premiering right here at Loudwire (watch above).

Establishing their affinity for conceptual music videos in 2013 with the "Ad Lucem" story arc told across "Spore," "A World Without," "Midnight Lullaby" and "X2" off their self-titled album, they've continued their dominance in this realm with "Eye9." The song was solely penned by co-founding bassist Eddie Jackson as he gets the nod to open the song with his punchy tone.

Shots span from an open field of tall grass to an industrial looking factory that we learn is located underground. A woman appears, bedazzled with an elaborate system of gears wrapped around her head with a magnifying glass rigged over her left eye. Sporting a clunky bionic arm, she takes pieces of broken furniture and a wheel to assemble a piece of equipment, though even after completing the video, its purpose is still unclear. Returning to the meadow, she uses a periscope to view the outside world from her underground dwelling.

The picture becomes cloudier as the woman places her finger over a sharp metal point sticking up from her custom machine. Now free of her mechanical devices, blood drips down her finger. Queensryche preferred not to lift the veil and reveal their meaning behind the video and would like fans to interpret it in their own way.

The title, "Eye9," can allude to the nine positions of gaze, meaning cardinal and primary inter-cardinal directions. Despite this range of vision, the character still feels trapped where she resides, indicated by the lines, "Lost in the labyrinth of life, stuck in the middle of the truth / Crawl through the walls of this passage you’ll find, the state of your mind." The latter can be interpreted by the aforementioned periscope segment, the character's longing to be rid of these contraptions and a yearning to be free in the outside world.

Queensryche are currently on tour supporting Condition Human with Meytal and progressive metallers Halcyon Way. The remaining dates of the trek can be seen here and fans looking to purchase the new record can do so here.

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