In the '80s, Kevin Lawrence was a guitarist in a band called Rapidfire rocking with a still-unknown vocalist who would go on to become Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses fame. Years later, Lawrence is now attempting to release some of that Rapidfire music featuring Rose on vocals.

Lawrence and his lawyer Joshua Solomon have apparently struggled for years with Rose's legal reps as they attempted to release the 1983 music from Rapidfire. The guitarist claims to own all of the rights to the band's music, but last year Rose's lawyer placed a copyright claim on a sample of the song 'Ready to Rumble' when it appeared on YouTube. The clip, seen above, was taken down until Solomon contacted YouTube to reveal Lawrence's actual copyrights for the track and the song sample was restored.

Solomon recently passed away, and Lawrence remains committed to finishing the fight to have the Rapidfire music heard. He's launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with the funding and a recent Facebook update states that a template for the CD artwork was sent to the artist and the pictures and liner notes are currently in the works.

Lawrence also stated in the Facebook posting, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead man. Oh and I can't wait for the 500 page illegal harassment of a cease and desist. Snore .. zzz … zzz. Heard of interference of business and SLAPP suits? I own the copyrights, the masters, the photos, the performances and I have the receipt that I paid for it all … LOL … open and shut."

The guitarist added in another Facebook posting that "as always been known for 10 years … open invitation for Axl to talk to me man-to-man. No lawyers, no posse, no bodyguards, just two old friends. Think that will ever happen? LOL. Doubtful."