It looks like we can add another one of rock's heavy hitters to the release schedule this year. Rise Against have headed online to tease the fact that the band is back in the studio working on a new album for 2014.

The teaser starts off with the year 2001 and proceeds to count down each year in which they released albums with snippets from the big songs from those records before finally hitting 2014, followed by the words "New Album." A quick shot of a guitar being struck, followed immediately by a wide shot of the individual band members sitting around the studio and concluding with the words "Coming Soon" suggests that the wheels are currently turning on new music.

Rise Against have been one of the hardest working bands over the past decade-plus. The group began with 2001's 'The Unraveling,' then released five more albums over the course of 10 years. The group caught their first breather after the tour support for 2011's 'Endgame,' but remained in the public eye with their B-sides and rarities collection, 'Long Forgotten Songs,' which arrived last September.

To see Rise Against's new album teaser, check out their Facebook post below: