In this next matchup, we've got arguably the two greatest chrome-domed metal musicians in history. Enter Rob Halford, the 'Metal God' and singer for Judas Priest. Halford possesses one of metal's most celebrated and versatile voices, and at the age of 61, Halford's voice remains incredible. Surely, he's a favorite among these heavy metal candidates.

Slayer shredder Kerry King challenges Halford in this quarterfinals matchup. The spastic and maniacal style of King, along with honing some of thrash's greatest riffs, has made the guitarist an immortal heavy metal legend. When King wrote the Slayer album 'God Hates Us All,' he probably wasn't talking about the Metal God, Rob Halford. Still, it should be a great battle.

Rob Halford or Kerry King? Cast your vote for the President of Metal in the poll below! Voting for this round ends on Monday, Oct. 29 at 10am ET. Fans can vote once per hour, so keep coming back to make sure that your favorite metal musician wins!