Who was the Rock Titan of 2015? We have some great nominees in the 5th Annual Loudwire Music Awards! Some of rock and metal's biggest names had another dominant year, with each making major musical contributions and some overcoming personal struggles or venturing in other creative endeavors, as well.

It's time to start voting for the Rock Titan of 2015, so take a look at the nominees below. There's more to it than meets the eye with these rockers, so be sure to read all about their amazing successes this year. Check out the nominees below for Rock Titan of 2015 in the 5th Annual Loudwire Music Awards and keep voting every hour until the polls close on Dec. 1 at 8AM ET.

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    Ben Burnley

    Breaking Benjamin

    After ceasing all band activities in 2010, Breaking Benjamin’s Ben Burnley returned in a big way in 2015. Despite battling painful health issues that are still befuddling doctors to this day, Burnley is back with a vengeance. While bearing this burden, he reactivated Breaking Benjamin, releasing a new album in Dark Before Dawn that hit No. 1 on the charts. The band took to the stage as well, with Burnley toughing it out for the fans.

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    David Draiman


    It was quite a year for Disturbed frontman David Draiman. Following a four year hiatus, the band sprung Immortalized on fans, which was met with rabid excitement. The album arrived at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart in its first week, marking the fifth Disturbed album to achieve chart-topping success. The singer's iconic voice stormed through tracks like "Fire it Up" and "The Vengeful One," adding more songs to the band's ever-growing list of classics.

  • Theo Wargo, Getty Images
    Theo Wargo, Getty Images

    Mike Patton

    Faith No More

    Mike Patton possesses one of the most unique voices in rock, hitting highs, bellowing lows and everything and anything in between. Faith No More returned with the album Sol Invictus this year, and the band's music serves as Patton's vocal playground with the oddities and nuances of the band leaving it open for him to do anything he wants. The stage is his physical playground, stalking his platform which is usually decorated with odds and ends that make Faith No More such a fascinating band.

  • Kathy Flynn | WickedGoddessPhotography.com
    Kathy Flynn | WickedGoddessPhotography.com

    Dave Grohl

    Foo Fighters

    We’ve all heard of musicians playing through pain, even enduring onstage accidents and refusing to bow out of the show. When Dave Grohl broke his leg earlier this year, the option of canceling a tour did not even cross his mind. Instead, he used this to his advantage, crafting a giant throne to sit atop every night, bringing a new spectacle to Foo Fighters shows. The day-to-day operations of touring can be a bit grueling, which makes this effort from Grohl even more admirable.

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    Papa Emeritus III


    Papa Emeritus III had some big shoes to fill as he carries the Ghost torch succeeding the second incarnation of the haunting band’s ghastly singer. His turn leading the congregation has gone according to plan as Ghost are becoming one of rock’s biggest bands. He hosts the band’s live rituals with a divine purpose … of sorts. Backed by his Nameless Ghouls, the frontman even lead the band on a small tour of intimate acoustic sets, furthering the band’s mass appeal ability. Indoctrination is the name of the game, so welcome to the church of Ghost.

  • Kathy Flynn, WickedGoddessPhotography.com
    Kathy Flynn, WickedGoddessPhotography.com

    Bruce Dickinson

    Iron Maiden

    After discovering protruding lumps in his neck, Bruce Dickinson did a little self-diagnosis with some help from the Internet and knew it could mean trouble. He gave the band six weeks to finish recording The Book of Souls before going to a doctor. The result was some of the best vocal efforts the singer has laid down to date, which is a remarkable task considering his pre-existing legacy. When discovering the lumps were indeed cancer, Dickinson promptly underwent chemo and kicked cancer’s ass and is ready to pilot Iron Maiden to 35 countries on their 2016 world tour. Oh, and his Cardiff Aviation business is taking off literally and figuratively.

  • Cory Schwartz, Getty Images
    Cory Schwartz, Getty Images

    Randy Blythe

    Lamb of God

    With both a book and a new album to promote, Randy Blythe has had a busy year. Lamb of God came back with a vengeance on VII: Storm und Drang, the band’s first album following Blythe’s Czech imprisonment and trial for manslaughter. His book, Dark Days: A Memoir, details his experience throughout the whole process of the imprisonment and trial as well as how it effected him on a personal level. Somehow, he still finds time to pursue his photography passion, which is well-documented through his Instagram page.

  • Jason Merritt, Getty Images
    Jason Merritt, Getty Images

    Lemmy Kilmister

    Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister gave fans a scare this year while battling a host of health issues. Regarded by all metalheads as god, the outlaw frontman proved why in 2015. With a new album, Bad Magic, to promote, he made a valiant effort to take the stage every night, knowing he couldn’t leave his fans disappointed. One night he was only able to make it through three songs, coming back out to apologize to the crowd sounding on the brink of death. The fans applauded wildly, grateful for anything Lemmy was willing to give them, screaming "We love you, Lemmy!"

  • Chad Childers, Loudwire
    Chad Childers, Loudwire

    Corey Taylor


    Not many vocalists have been in the headlines as much as Corey Taylor this year, promoting his book along with Slipknot’s 2014 release V: The Gray Chapter. His book, You’re Making Me Hate You, saw the frontman sound off about what he thinks on just about every issue. He also provided the demonic howls of King Fisher, an alien overlord on the TV series Doctor Who. Whether its performing with Slipknot, promoting his books, or just having fun being Corey, the man sees more of the road than just about anyone.

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    Mike Portnoy

    The Winery Dogs / Metal Allegiance / Twisted Sister

    If you’re using your fingers to count how many bands Mike Portnoy is, you might need to take your socks off and keep counting on your toes. The drumming legend released two albums this year, the Winery DogsHot Streak and Metal Allegiance's self-titled debut, and is playing with Twisted Sister as they wrap up their career following the tragic passing of A.J. Pero. If you’re wondering what he dreams about in his sleep, it’s probably more drumming … or maybe that Pokemon kit he demanded instead of that Hello Kitty one. We’ll get it right next time, Mike.