Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal will unleash his 10th solo album 'Little Brother is Watching' on Feb. 24.  Thal wrote, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the album at his New Jersey studio. Check out a video about the making of the album below. You can listen to the title track above, courtesy of Yahoo Music.

The record's sound is described as "an eccentric, upbeat collection of modern epic rock with haunting melodies, huge choruses and witty lyrics about life in the digital age and beyond."

Thal is also a member of the supergroup Art of Anarchy, whose members include Scott Weiland and Disturbed‘s John Moyer. There has been some confusion about Weiland's involvement in the project. In an interview, Weiland said, “I was never in the band. It was something I did when I wasn’t doing anything. I was asked to write some lyrics and sing some melodies on this project, but it’s not a band I’m in. This [Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts] is my band.”

Thal issued a statement saying, “Art of Anarchy is not competition or a threat or interference to what any of us are doing — it’s a complement, an addition, one I’m proud of creatively. No need to minimize or undermine or devalue a project we all worked on together over the course of two years. I enjoyed working with Scott. And I’m looking forward to the Wildabouts album release, the Bumblefoot album release, and the Art of Anarchy album release. The more music the better, it’s what we do, right?"

Bumblefoot - Little Brother is Watching

Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal, 'Little Brother Is Watching' Track Listing

01. 'Clots'
02. 'Little Brother Is Watching'
03. 'Argentina'
04. 'Don’t Know Who To Pray To Anymore'
05. 'Livin’ The Dream'
06. 'Cuterebra'
07. 'Higher'
08. 'Women Rule The World'
09. 'Sleepwalking'
10. 'Eternity'
11. 'Never Again'