Creed singer Scott Stapp appeared on the Dr. Oz show recently to speak about his drug addiction, mental illness and bounce back from the chaos he faced less than a year ago. Stapp didn't hold back during his television appearance, even putting out a message to his Creed bandmates asking for a reunion.

You may remember Stapp posting a video last year claiming he was penniless and sleeping in his truck. What followed was a downward spiral of drug abuse and extreme paranoia. Stapp was convinced his family was a part of ISIS and thought he was being trained by the CIA to assassinate President Obama. In his Dr. Oz appearance, Stapp even spoke about a delusion where he thought it was his duty to save Obama from being assassinated by the Secret Service.

In a number of videos, Stapp, who was joined by his wife Jaclyn, speaks with Dr. Oz about suffering from bipolar disorder, drug addiction and attempting to commit suicide all the way back in 1998. "If it wasn't for a picture of my son that I looked at right at the last minute before I pulled the trigger, I would have ended it all," says Stapp. "I turned after I looked at that photo and I shot up my house, the inside of my house."

Stapp recalled another near-death experience where he fell off the side of a balcony. "I had been up for about three of four days using amphetamines and cocaine, and I was in a psychotic state. I checked myself into the penthouse at the Delano Hotel in South Beach and I thought that the police were beating on my door and they weren't, but I had a delusion, a hallucination that they were. And in an attempt to escape, I thought I would scale from my balcony to the balcony below and I slipped and fell 40 feet and should've died that day."

After his latest meltdown, Stapp was narrowly able to save his marriage by getting into treatment and staying clean, and now, he's looking to patch things up with his Creed bandmates. When asked if fans can expect a Creed reunion, Stapp said, "I can tell you what, I sure hope so. I love the guys with all my heart and if they're watching, 'Come on guys, let's make a record.'" Creed were working on a new album before their most recent split, but guitarist Mark Tremonti recently said he can't foresee himself returning to Creed anytime soon.

Stapp and his wife were also joined on the Dr. Oz show by a fan who wanted to thank the singer for helping her deal with her own bipolar diagnosis. Check out video segments of Scott Stapp's appearance at the Dr. Oz website.

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