Sick Puppies are on their way back, though they've been careful so far not to reveal the identity of their new member. The band underwent a tumultuous split with singer-guitarist Shim Moore in 2014 and has been relatively quiet ever since. But "quiet" is one thing you cannot say about the band's new teaser video from the studio.

The clip is shot in black and white with quick hitting images on bassist Emma Anzai, drummer Mark Goodwin and the unidentified new member. Viewers are greeted with some razor sharp and heavy guitar and bass licks, Goodwin's hard-hitting beats and the new guitarist's unleashing of a primal scream. Though Sick Puppies have hard-edged songs in their catalog, this brief teaser of music appears to be heavier than what they've done prior.

While the identity of the new member has yet to be revealed, fans can at least start to speculate as the video showcases the male musician with dark black and short hair. But aside from his primal scream, there are no other vocals to possibly give away his identity. The video ends with Anzai moving toward the musician, but cuts away before his face is visibly clear.

Sick Puppies state via Facebook, "To all of our incredible fans who have been patiently waiting, here is a sample of what's to come. We are so excited to unleash this upon the world! We have poured everything we have into it and are stoked for you to hear it. The anticipated announcement of our new singer will be sooner than you think and we can't wait for you to meet him. Thank you all for your continued support and stay tuned!"

The group is starting to lay the groundwork for 2016, having signed on to play the 98 Rock Fest on April 29, Welcome to Rockville on May 1, Carolina Rebellion on May 6 and the Rock on the Range festival the weekend of May 20. Stay tuned for new album and touring details.