Former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison is back with not one but two bands. One of those groups is Sinsaenum, a melodic death metal outfit which also features DragonForce's Frédéric Leclercq, among others. With their debut album, Echoes of the Tortured, arriving later this month, get a taste of the disc with Loudwire's premiere of the music video for "Splendor and Agony."

Prepare for a bloodbath through nearly four minutes of pulverizing, unrelenting death metal as vessels are drained and straightjackets get stained. Sinsaenum perform in a factory, doused in blood as seemingly possessed, white-eyed men crawl on the floor, leaving a red slug trail behind them. A faceless, cloaked, bare-chested man stalks his victims, opening them up with a variety of sharp-edged weapons.

The song trades sustained chords with furious rhythm work as Jordison keeps his foot firmly on the gas throughout most of "Splendor and Agony." Offering a slight reprieve from the blistering speed, melodic leads and solos cut through the wall of distortion and double kicks. The pace sees a dramatic reversal in the mid-section, slowing to a crawl as sounds of gargled blood invoke an even more sinister atmosphere.

Leclercq commented on how the video complements the music, stating, "This is the video I’ve always wanted to make. We had a great team called Independent Film ( and they understood the vision I had. The song is brutal and I wanted to incorporate elements of horror movies, which I love, too! I’m so happy with the result; we all are! It’s beyond our expectations. The location was perfect, the makeup artists did an amazing job, and the filming process was intense. Some of us slept very little so it was easy to ‘get into it.’ One thing about the contact lenses: we couldn’t see s--t with them. So we were really blind in a hot steamy factory, covered in blood, with death metal blasting through the PA — perfect!”

Sinsaenum's debut album, Echoes of the Tortured, will be released on July 29 through earMUSIC. The band's lineup is made up of Frédéric Leclercq (DragonForce), who handles guitar, bass and keyboards, Joey Jordison on drums (ex-Slipknot, Vimic) Heimoth (Seth) on bass, guitarist Stephane Buriez (Loudblast), vocalist Sean Z (Daath, Chimaira) and vocalist Attila Csihar (Mayhem).

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