Is there a BabyMetal and Slash tour in our near future? Not quite, but the musician may be more open to the idea than you’d think. The legendary axeman was touring in Japan last week and while there, he stopped by a Japanese radio station. During his appearance on The Dave Fromm Show, the guitarist was asked about BabyMetal, the Japanese teen trio that merges J-pop and metal.

Slash says this about Babymetal: “I’ve heard these guys. I know these guys. Anyway [they’re] the most exciting thing that I’d seen recently, what I heard. ‘Cause they have a look, and they’re girls.”

The host then asked if he’d ever play a show with BabyMetal? Slash responded, “Yeah, sure…I mean that’s its own thing. But, I mean you know, all these artists are really established in what they do. In other words they sound like, really good and very professional.” Check out the full audio above.

Slash isn’t alone in his praise of BabyMetal. Fans voted the group as the Best New Artist of 2014 by a fairly large margin in the 4th Annual Loudwire Music Awards. Besides taking home that honor, this past year they have solidified their status as worldwide internet sensations, toured with Lady Gaga, and once and for all proved that choreographed dancing can work with metal.

BabyMetal just announced some more world tour dates, which are in addition to their gig at Rock on the Range in Columbus, Ohio, on May 16. We couldn’t resist posting their video for “Gimme Chocolate!!” below.

BabyMetal Perform "Gimme Chocolate!!" 

Watch Slash Play Wikipedia Fact or Fiction:

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