Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators are out on the road this month for round two of touring in support of Slash’s latest disc ‘Apocalyptic Love.’ With his top hat firmly in place, the guitar great and his all-star band are hitting up markets they haven’t visited in ages, or in some cases, ever, as was the case when they pulled in to Hampton Beach, N.H., for a show at the Casino Ballroom on Sept. 16.

The chill of fall air had set in on the beach but Slash and his friends brought the heat powering through a solid set mixing riffs from then and now with cuts from his two solo discs and paying proper homage to several Guns N’ Roses classics, Velvet Revolver rockers and even a Slash’s Snakepit tune.

Slash may be most synonymous with his work with the legendary Guns N’ Roses so fans were obviously intent on feasting on songs from that era. They got what they wanted in the form of ‘Night Train,’ ‘Rocket Queen,’ ‘You’re Crazy,’ ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ all culminating for the show closing performance of ‘Paradise City.’

Slash has surrounded himself with a band of true contenders in their own right from vocalist Myles Kennedy to versatile bassist/vocalist Todd Kerns, drummer Brent Fitz and newcomer Frank Sidoris on rhythm guitar. The talented collection of ‘conspirators’ perfectly complement the laid back style of Slash, while still shining brightly on their own.

Slash’s meaty set list may have been thick with nostalgia but it also was a huge reminder of just how much he’s done since his GN’R days, remaining one of the most successful, influential and down-right ridiculously talented musicians in modern rock with no signs of slowing down any time soon. “As long as I can plug my Les Paul into a Marshall amp, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing,” Slash has said in the past, and wherever he plugs in, there will no doubt be a voracious following waiting to hear what comes next.

Check out our exclusive photos from last night's show (Sept. 16) below: