The future of Slayer was brought into question after founding member and creative mastermind Jeff Hanneman passed away. Combined with the ousting of drummer Dave Lombardo, Slayer were only left with two founding members, frontman Tom Araya and guitarist Kerry King. Despite these setbacks, Slayer are expected to release a new album in 2014, and although new drummer Paul Bostaph will drum in the studio, Kerry King claims that "fans aren't ready" for contributions from guitarist Gary Holt.

During our recent emotional and revealing interview with Araya, the frontman described Hanneman as "90 or 95-percent of the band, musically." Needless to say, Hanneman's death left a supermassive hole in Slayer's creative process, but Kerry King is optimistic about the quality of what will become Slayer's 11th studio album.

“To me, it will be business as usual as it can be,” King tells Metro. “Musically, I’m sitting on roughly 14 tunes that we can pick from and I’ve finished seven of those lyrically. I’m way ahead of the game compared to where I was for 'World Painted Blood.'

As for Gary Holt, don't expect much from the Exodus thrash master on Slayer's next record. “As far as Gary being a contributing writer: No. 1: fans aren’t ready for it, and No. 2: that’s like throwing somebody to the wolves," claims King. “I think if there’s another record after this one and Gary is still with us at that point, I think that will be a time where I say, ‘Hey dude, feel free to throw any riffs my way if you’re interested.'" Check out the full conversation with King at Metro.

Slayer's newest lineup is currently touring North America, brandishing an old-school setlist influenced by the group's first decade of material. Check out our recap and photo gallery of the Los Angeles gig here. For Slayer’s full list of tour dates with Gojira and 4Arm, click here.