We have a clarification to break involving Slayer's upcoming 11th studio album. Contrary to what has been reported by music sites worldwide, Slayer's upcoming full-length will not feature any parts physically played by late guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

The members of Slayer have publicly stated that some of Jeff Hanneman's recordings not used on prior records would make it onto the band's 11th album. Though this is true, a recent article by Revolver reads that "Hanneman is physically present on one unnamed track."

Additionally, Revolver added the following quote from Slayer frontman Tom Araya: “The whole process of this album started three years ago, when Jeff was still a part of it. There is one track on there that we recorded with him, that he did play on, which was completely done except we hadn’t finalized the vocals for it. So we were fortunate to have something that he had participated in.”

It's easy to see how the confusion happened, and when we asked guitarist Kerry King during a video interview yesterday (April 6) about Jeff Hanneman's playing on Slayer's next album, King responded with a very important clarification. "Jeff Hanneman isn't physically playing on this record," says King. "Somebody reported some bulls--t. People say s--t when they don't know what's actually going on. Even though Jeff's song, "Piano Wire," was recorded during the last album cycle [World Painted Blood], I played all the guitar. I've been doing that for years. Since he has no lead on that song, he's not on it."

As for Slayer's future, Kerry King told us the band is planning to release a 12th full-length album at some point down the road. An addition, one track that Hanneman helped compose is being saved for the 12th album.

In a separate part of our chat with Kerry King, the shredder said Slayer's 11th studio album will likely see an August 2015 release. Slayer have an album title picked out, but King chose to keep that a secret.

Check out the video above for Kerry King's full explanation.

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