Queen may have sang "I want to ride my bicycle" but Slayer are going one step further and releasing a line of their own bicycles! That's right, all you expendable youths can parade down the street with your shiny new Slayer bicycle starting this October (see images below).

With a well-established line of merchandise already branded with Slayer iconography, the legendary thrashers have teamed up with Subrosa, a BMX brand, to bring metalheads the bicycle they've always wanted whether they knew it or not. This fall will see the release of four custom bikes, offered with tire sizes of 12 inches, 20 inches and 26 inches as well as an urban terrain model, dubbed the 700C UTB. Slayer branded bike seats bearing the band's infamous eagle emblem and frames will also be made available for individual purchase. One of the bars on the frame has "Still Reigning 1964 - 2013" printed across it in Slayer's lettering style in tribute to Jeff Hanneman.

"We couldn’t think of a bigger way to celebrate our 10th year as a brand than teaming up with Slayer to create some of the most badass BMX bikes ever seen. I am stoked, and frankly still blown away to introduce you to the Subrosa/ Slayer Collaboration," said Subrosa brand manager Ryan Sher.

Sher went on to detail how BMX and metal have always had a strong relationship and added, "We are humbled and honored to be teaming up with Slayer on this project. We wanted to create bikes that BMX riders could use and abuse, and we had to do justice to Slayer and their fans by creating a look that would represent the band, and stand out from anything we’ve done before. The 'Cradle to Grave' theme in this collaboration project will embrace audiences from all ages because once you are a Subrosa or a Slayer fan, you are a fan for life."

No details have been given concerning if the bike is outfitted with a horn that bellows "SLAAAAYERRRR!" when it is squeezed, but we're sure you probably ride around screaming it anyway. Right? Right! For more information on the line of bikes, visit the Subrosa website.

Slayer have just announced another tour as they continue to put relentless support behind their 2015 effort, Repentless. Joining the trek will be two more thrash legends: Anthrax and Death Angel. The tour kicks off on Sept. 9 and a full list of stops can be found here.

Slayer Bike Frame

Official Subrosa Website
Official Subrosa Website

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