Slipknot have just released yet another new teaser! The metal act has hinted at a new album with a total of five cryptic videos, but in this new tease, Slipknot offer a series of words.

Shortly after vocalist Corey Taylor claimed that the new Slipknot album was "98 percent done," the first Slipknot video teaser was unveiled. Then another video surfaced, and then another, and then another, and then another.

The same day Slipknot released clip No. 5, Corey Taylor tweeted out a message pointing to something big happening on Friday (Aug. 1).

We'll have to wait until tomorrow to learn what that's about, but in a new Facebook post, a picture and the following words were shown: "The Prescient/The Nascent/The Quotient (THEY ALL WILL FALL); The Cystic/Symbolic/Condition (SYSTEMIC); Egregious/Replete With/These Lesions (CONTAMINATE); Succumb To/The Selfish/Creation (YOUR FAILURE)." See the post below with the link to the site hosting all five teasers at the end:


The combination of words seem like they could be lyrics, perhaps with the words in brackets being shouted as background gang vocals. Slipknot fans have also theorized that the words could be song titles.

Stay tuned to Loudwire tomorrow to find out what Corey Taylor and Slipknot have been teasing.

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