Slipknot have unleashed another gem from their upcoming '.5: The Gray Chapter' album. The group has let fans in on the song 'Custer' from the disc in advance of its release.

The song itself is a very distinctive Slipknot track, beginning with the audio of a discussion in the studio between the band's members on what the beat of the song should be. That gives way to a much harder and aggressive sound as the beat is put into practice to open the track.

The song also stands out with a series of high-pitched alarms that factor in from time-to-time and frontman Corey Taylor doing his best radio announcer voice. Taylor opens his vocals with a low DJ vibe stating, "Half alive and stark raving free to malign for encroaching on the purpose of this commercial free interruption. Due to the prolific nature of this statement listener aggression is advised." And from there, the frenetic rocking and energy of Slipknot that fans have come to love pummels you throughout the remainder of the track.

'Custer' follows 'The Negative One' and 'The Devil in I' as advance tracks from the new album. The disc drops on Oct. 21 via Roadrunner and you can currently pre-order the effort at both iTunes and Amazon.

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