Smile Empty Soul have unleashed the video for the single 'Afterlife' off their brand-new album ‘3’s.'

In the video, the trio is rocking out in a barn while an eerie little boy shoots down a bird outside to make some Wolverine style claws out of its feathers. The clip also includes an strikingly beautiful, cloaked mystery woman who feeds the kid some potion while he’s napping.

Toward the end of the video, we find out that apparently the little boy was missing from his parents all along but when they do find him, he’s just not the same.

In our interview with frontman Sean Danielsen, he spoke to us about the new track by saying, “I definitely think ‘Afterlife’ is a pretty good representation of the rest of it [the album]."

He continued, “In general, it’s a little bit heavier than our past stuff and its a little bit more mature and a little more developed, you know? But the record has a lot of ups and downs, a lot of peaks and valleys. So there is some slow, soft stuff on the record and there is some up-tempo fast, hard stuff too, but I think ‘Afterlife’ is right there in the middle.”

To see our full exclusive interview with Sean Danielsen, go here.

Check Out Smile Empty Soul’s Video for ‘Afterlife’