Spineshank are back with their first new album in almost a decade and Loudwire has the exclusive music video premiere for the first single 'Nothing Left for Me.'

The Los Angeles alt metal crew just unleashed 'Anger Denial Acceptance,' the follow-up to 2003's 'Self-Destructive Pattern,' today (June 19). "It was very important to us, as artists, to make this record. We felt like we had something to say as a band," explains guitarist Mike Sarkisyan of the new disc. "Some of us were going through divorces, others lost people very close to them and that's what basically surrounded us during the creative process. And we also got better at capturing whatever we were feeling onto a recording."

The emotional, yet hard-hitting nature of the disc comes through on the album's first single, 'Nothing Left for Me' -- a feeling the band also wanted the music video for the track to evoke. "The 'Nothing Left for Me' video is the first video that we have ever done that truly captures the energy of the band and emotion behind the song," says drummer Tom Decker. "The different color rooms really helps with setting the mood of the song. The brightness of the white room has a surreal hopeful feeling before transitioning to the anger and intensity of the red room, and finally settling into the bleak emptiness of the black room. The video ends in a very dark place that really represents the lyrical content of the song."

Spineshank are currently in the midst of an extensive North America tour in support of 'Anger Denial Acceptance.' Click here to find out when they're coming to your neck of the woods. And pick up a copy of 'Anger Denial Acceptance' at iTunes.

Spineshank, 'Nothing Left for Me' - Exclusive Music Video Premiere