Black Tide

RED vs. Black Tide – Cage Match
The southern gentlemen of RED won an extremely close battle against Skillet yesterday, surging back in the late hours of the night to earn the victory. But can the band do it again against the new challenger?
Black Tide Drummer: Frontman Wrote Songs at 10 Years Old
For some, Black Tide have changed drastically in between the release of their 2008 debut 'Light From Above' and the recently issued 'Post Mortem.' The band burst onto the scene with raucous, glammy influences like Motley Crue stuffed into the back pocket of their skintight jeans. But they weren't th…
Black Tide, ‘Post Mortem’ – Album Review
Miami's own Black Tide make their triumphant return with ‘Post Mortem,’ the follow-up to their 2008 debut release, ‘Light From Above.’ One might say that if you release your major-label debut as teenagers that there’s nowhere to go but…