Cynic's Paul Masvidal + Sean Reinert Come Out as Gay
For the first time ever, longtime Cynic musicians Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert have discussed their sexuality in a public forum. In a new interview, Masvidal and Reinert publicly come out as being gay while discussing the hardships of homosexuality in the world of metal.
Tool vs. Cynic - March Metal Madness 2014, Round 1
Experimentation is the theme of this battle. Which of these discs will move on in our March Metal Madness search for the best metal album of the 21st century? When it comes to critical praise and undisputed originality, these two bands are ranked in the elite. Ahead of their time, compositionally co…
Cynic, 'Kindly Bent To Free Us' - Album Review
Since the release of 'Focus' in 1993, Floridian technical death metal innovators Cynic have held onto the status of being an "elite" band. Few underground acts have been bestowed with such critical praise, but Cynic have always been ahead of their time. That sensibility is retained with th…
Cynic, 'Kindly Bent To Free Us' Track-By-Track Breakdown
Today (Feb. 18), Cynic released their long-awaited third album, 'Kindly Bent To Free Us.' The record is somewhat of a departure from Cynic's classic progressive tech-death style into more of an experimental rock realm, with frontman Paul Masvidal delivering perhaps his most spirituall…

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