Devourment vs. Hypocrisy – Death Match
Texas death metal act Devourment have scooped up their first-ever Death Match win after a close battle against Amorphis. Devourment are now three victories away from a Death Match Hall of Fame induction, but they've got one of Sweden's most iconic death metal acts to beat this week.
Amorphis vs. Devourment – Death Match
A whole-hearted congratulations is due to As I Lay Dying, as they defeated their fourth and final opponent in last week's battle, allowing their song  'No Lungs to Breathe' to be inducted into the Death Match Hall of Fame. As is the case after every Hall of Fame induction, we've got two open spaces to fill, and we've got some extreme metal coming your way this week.
Devourment, ‘Parasitic Eruption’ – Exclusive Song Premiere
Texas death metal band Devourment are soon to release their fourth studio album, 'Conceived in Sewage.' Produced by death metal royalty Erik Rutan of Hate Eternal / ex-Morbid Angel, the record is set to drop on Feb. 19, but we've got one of the album's brutal songs, 'Parasitic Eruption,' available for streaming exclusively on Loudwire.