Fight or Flight

Disturbed / Fight or Flight Guitarist Dan Donegan Discusses Musician Sacrifices
Being a rock star may seem like a blast, but there are drawbacks to being a musician for a living. Disturbed and Fight or Flight guitarist Dan Donegan went in depth over the weekend about some of the sacrifices that come with being a musician, encouraging fans to support the bands they love and keep the music alive for future generations. However, he did have to follow-up with a further explanatio
Song Premiere
Fight or Flight, the new group featuring members of Disturbed and Evans Blue, are gearing up to unleash their debut album 'A Life by Design?' on July 23, and the band is teaming up with Loudwire to premiere the riveting track 'Leaving' (listen below)...
Fight or Flight Unveil Lyric Video for New Single, ‘First of the Last’
Adrenaline Mob are riding high with Disturbed bassist John Moyer in their lineup. Device, led by David Draiman, are currently topping the charts with their single 'Vilify.' That leaves Fight or Flight as the latest Disturbed offshoot project to garner some attention. The band, which features Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan and drummer Mike Wengren, recently revealed a snippet of new music, teasing
Fight or Flight’s Dan Donegan Reaffirms Commitment to Disturbed
It's a confusing time for Disturbed fans, who are watching the band's members begin to find success with other projects. John Moyer has been playing bass for Adrenaline Mob, who've already released a full album and covers EP. David Draiman has one of the most hyped projects of the year with Device, who just released their debut disc. And this week we learned that guitarist Dan Donegan and drummer
Taking 'Flight'
With singer David Draiman leading Device and bassist John Moyer rocking out in Adrenaline Mob, we've known what half of Disturbed have been doing during the band's hiatus. But now, it's guitarist Dan Donegan and drummer Mike Wengren's turn to step into the spotlight with a new band called Fight or Flight featuring Evans Blue frontman Dan Chandler.