Lamb of God vs. Marduk – Death Match
Lamb of God fans, you've done your heroes proud. With your votes, Lamb of God and their track 'Desolation' stomped 'Vengeance' by The Devil Wears Prada. This marks the first ever Death Match loss for TDWP, who previously were the first band to ever make it to the Death Match Hall of Fame with their single 'Born to Lose.' Now, that Lamb of God have moved on, they face their next battle with a truly
Marduk Guitarist Confirms He Owns Skull and Brain Matter From Mayhem’s Per ‘Dead’ Ohlin
One of black metal's most famous legends revolves around the 1991 suicide of Mayhem vocalist Per 'Dead' Ohlin. For over 20 years, rumors have circulated worldwide about Mayhem guitarist Euronymous sending pieces of Dead's skull to other black metal musicians as a sign of deep respect towards their work and dedication to the genre. During our recent interview with Marduk's Morgan 'Evil' Steinmeyer