Megadeth are one of heavy metal’s most successful and prolific groups, with frequently released new albums and constant touring worldwide; yet they will always be most closely associated with the ‘80s thrash metal movement, which they helped pioneer as one of the so-called Big Four, alongside Slayer, Anthrax and eternal nemesis, Metallica. It was, in fact, after his 1983 dismissal from Metallica that guitarist and vocalist Dave Mustaine launched Megadeth, with the help of bassist David Ellefson and, later, guitarist Chris Poland and drummer Gar Samuel, both of whom exited following 1986’s water-shed second album, ‘Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?’ Personnel flux and substance abuse continued to afflict Megadeth until the early 1990s, when new members Marty Friedman (guitar) and Nick Menza (drums), helped Mustaine and Ellefson enjoy a dec-ade of creative and commercial prosperity, off the back of acclaimed albums like ‘Rust in Peace’ and ‘Countdown to Extinction.’ A change of direction and musicians, followed by a serious arm injury sustained by Mustaine temporarily stalled Megadeth’s career, but as of 2004, the tenacious guitarist has been driving Megadeth and its ever-revolving cast of backing musicians onward with his usual tenacity and talent, now widely recog-nized as one of heavy metal’s all-time most inventive guitarists.


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