Rock Tattoos

Can You Guess Whose Tattoo This Is?
If this tattoo reminds you of a famous rocker, there may just be a good reason for that. The caricature seems to bear a striking resemblance to the musician who has it permanently etched into his skin.
Can You Guess Whose Tattoo This Is?
This rocker has erected a permanent shrine to his family on his body. The collection includes a black and white portrait tattoo of his father on his right arm (seen in the photo above), alongside his dad’s favorite number 33.
Paying tribute to other loved ones, his arm also has a bible verse for his …
Can You Guess Whose Tattoo This Is?
Is there anything more metal than a face tattoo? Probably not!
Some may consider placing permanent ink on the face a risky and perhaps not well-thought out move, but this metalhead clearly doesn't subscribe to that school of thought.
Can You Guess Whose Tattoos These Are?
With Halloween just around the corner, this rocker’s ink definitely pays homage to the evil and mayhem that All Hallows’ Eve delivers. With several creepy tattoos taking up residence on this metalhead’s arm from zombies and devils to a skeleton or two,…
Can You Guess Whose Tattoo This Is?
Anyone familiar with this rocker’s discography might guess this one pretty quick, that’s because it’s more than just a tattoo, it’s also marks an important stage of his career. The words spell out the name of a song he wrote with his ba…

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