One of South Africa’s most successful musical exports, Seether rode the wave of post-grunge bands that blended alternative and metallic influences to establish themselves as a creative force to be reckoned with, both on stage and in the studio. Initially utilizing the name Saron Gas, singer/guitarist Shaun Morgan, bassist Dale Stewart and drummer Dave Cohoe released an independent album named ‘Fragile’ (2000) in their homeland before attracting the attention of New York-based Wind-up Records. The trio then changed their name to Seether ahead of the international debut, ‘Disclaimer’ (2002), which boasted no less than ten distinct cover images, featured session drums from Josh Frese, and eventually went Gold thanks to back-breaking tours and a timely collaboration with Evanescence’s Amy Lee on a re-recorded ‘Broken.’ In fact, Seether (which had expanded to a quartet with the arrival of lead guitarist Pat Callahan and drummer John Humphrey) was kept so busy by their record label that 2004 saw the release of ‘Disclaimer II’ (collecting remixes and leftover cuts) as a means of giving fans something new to take home for the holidays. 2005 finally saw the arrival of Seether’s next complete album of new material, ‘Karma and Effect,’ which included another smash hit in ‘Remedy,’ but preceded the departure of Callahan and frontman Morgan’s entry into rehab, negating the band’s plans to tour with Staind and Three Days Grace. But even these bad experiences helped fuel the creative process behind Seether’s next album, 2007’s aptly named ‘Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces,’ which met with widespread acclaim and necessitated the recruitment of new guitarist Troy McLawhorn (ex-Evanescence) for the next two years of intense touring. Seether’s winning streak has continued unabated in the years since, which have included two more studio albums (2011’s ‘Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray’ and ’14’s ‘Isolate and Medicate’) as well as their first greatest hits set, released in 2013.

  • Selected Discography: ‘Disclaimer’ (2002), ‘Karma and Effect’ (2005), ‘Isolate and Medicate’ (2014)
  • Related Artists: Three Days Grace, Evanescence
  • Further Reading: ‘Isolate & Medicate’ Album Review


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