The Veer Union

The Veer Union, ‘Divide the Blackened Sky’ – Album Review
In over eight years of heavy-duty rocking, the Veer Union have mastered the technique of creating songs that are brutally extreme yet strikingly melodic. Along those lines, the band’s fourth album, ‘Divide the Blackened Sky,’ is jam-packed with a blend of teeth-grating rhythms and commercial melodie…
The Veer Union vs. DragonForce – Cage Match
The Veer Union are winning matchups left and right with their single ‘Bitter End’ and continue on the road to the Cage Match Hall of Fame after beating out Adelitas Way yesterday. Will the band be able to do it again against today’s challenger?
The Veer Union, ‘Bitter End’ – Song Review
Canadian rockers the Veer Union are prepping to release their sophomore album, 'Divide the Blackened Sky,' out March 26 via Rocket Science Ventures. The band is jump-starting the release of their new collection with a power-packed lead single, 'Bitter End,' which is already at ac…