Hopeless Records

Taking Back Sunday are ready to emerge from their recording cocoon and will let their new album, 'Happiness Is,' take flight in March. The band just put the final touches on their new disc with producers Marc Jacob Hudson and Mike Sapone and have unleashed the lead single 'Flicker, Fade' (heard above).

'Happiness Is' will be released March 18 via Hopeless Records and fans who pre-order the disc via the band's Hopeless Records site will receive an instant download of 'Flicker, Fade.'

With over a year of no representation, Taking Back Sunday were allowed to let the creativity flow without record label interference. Bassist Shaun Cooper says, "Through this process we had many more shared experiences as adults that have come into play. We had near death experiences purely from the force of nature, common enemies, playing for the troops who protect us against a different kind of enemy and that led to seeing parts of the world that you would never in your lifetime expect to see and leave you a bit haunted. There is a new level of honesty both in the writing and working with two producers who we have known for so long."

As for the writing process, frontman Adam Lazzara says, "I tried to be a little more loose; I was more focused on being myself than trying to sound perfect or anything. We also played around a lot with arranging the harmonies and playing with layers and I think that makes these songs a lot more rich." The singer also states that he was a lot less cryptic with this album, delivering some of his most personal songs to date.

He concludes, "There is no question to me that 'Happiness Is' is the best unfiltered representation of what happens when the five of us get in a room together and that makes me really happy."

Look for Taking Back Sunday returning to the road in mid-February, starting with dates in Europe before returning stateside in March for the South By So What? and Extreme Thing festivals.

Taking Back Sunday, 'Happiness Is' Track Listing

1. 'Preface'
2. 'Flicker, Fade'
3. 'Stood a Chance'
4. 'All the Way'
5. 'Beat Up Car'
6. 'It Takes More'
7. 'They Don't Have Any Friends'
8. 'Better Homes and Gardens'
9. 'Like You Do'
10. 'We Were Younger Then'
11. 'Nothing At All'