It’s Myles Kennedy’s Tattoo!

The tattooed arm belongs to Myles Kennedy, Alter Bridge frontman and lead vocalist for Slash!

The koi fish on one arm is complemented by a dragon on his left arm and there’s a story between the two. According to Kennedy, “I had the dragon on my left arm and then the koi fish on my right which are symbols of strength.” He continued to talk about the two tattoos in an online interview, saying, “There’s a legend in Japan, something about the yellow river where if the koi swam up the river they would eventually turn to dragons. It’s this whole story. I got it though, because during the tail end of the Mayfield Four era, I turned into a complete idiot. A real idiot and was going through a lot of stuff. So I got those things on there as a wakeup call.”

Since then he’s also added an octopus on the same arm, on the outer region, which you can see wrapping around his arm in this photo. "I just decided to put one on my arm. It actually turned out a lot larger than I originally intended. It was originally just going to be this little squid, and somehow it grew," admits Kennedy.

Kennedy and company recently finished recording the new Slash CD titled ‘Apocalyptic Love’ due out on May 22 and Alter Bridge are planning to release a live DVD called ‘Live at Wembley’ later this month.