There's a new name in horror metal and it's Terror Universal, a new group of masked rockers ready to unleash their fury with the track 'Welcome to Hell' (listen above and download below).

The full-on wall of brutal bass, dastardly double-kick drumming, gritty guitar is fronted in-your-face aggression with a couple of melodic moments, as well. And who exactly is bringing this to you? That's part of the mystery.

The band consists of current and former members of Machine Head, Ill Nino and Soulfly, so you know there's a metal pedigree for this new band, but the identities of the members remain clouded in their stage names. Rott delivers the powerful vocals, Massacre is kicking it behind the drums, Diabolus is thrashing away on guitar and Thrax is the man laying down those killer bass lines.

'We are here to inflict terror and fear upon the masses. Our thirst for blood is eternal…," says drummer Massacre. Guitarist Diabolus adds, "We are Terror Universal. We are everything that you loath and we are everything that you fear. We have come to (take/devour) your souls."

Terror Universal are making the new song 'Welcome to Hell' available as a free download on their official website. If you like what you hear in the lyric video above, click the button at the bottom of this post to download the track.

The band just wrapped up a European tour opening for Ill Nino and will soon be announcing their first U.S. tour as well as more international dates. You can also look for a new EP, 'Reign of Terror,' mixed by Eddie Wohl (Cradle of Filth), coming in the near future. Stay tuned.