Get ready for the gritty sounds of Texas Hippie Coalition. The Southern-fried rockers deliver a dose of their red dirt metal today with Loudwire's exclusive song premiere of the title track off their upcoming album, 'Peacemaker.'

The band spent a good portion of the past year working with acclaimed rock producer Bob Marlette and as they gear up to release their third studio album, it's apparent the Texas Hippie Coalition have not only found their sound, but have taken it to new levels.

The song features frontman Big Dad Ritch, with his beer-swilled bass of a voice, telling the listener the tale of life from a gun's perspective. When it's all said and done, the tune does a pretty damn fine job humanizing and personifying the moral conundrum a gun would face.

As for inspiration for the song, Ritch explains to Loudwire, "I really like [the actor] Timothy Olyphant from 'Deadwood' and a TV series called 'Justified.' He's always a badass with a gun, quick on the draw. I'm always writing songs from my perspective and where I'm coming from. I just thought that for once, why don't I step outside of Big Dad Ritch and just pretend that I'm a gun. And that's how that song is actually written, from the point of view of the gun. Peacemaker - that's what a gun is to me. I'm not using that gun to rob somebody, to take what they got, I'm gonna be using that gun to protect what's mine."

With lyrics like, "I just whooped the devil's ass / And you ain't seen nothing if Jesus asks / It wasn't nothing he'd need to see / This is all between God and me," it's evident that the band's penchant for the outlaw spirit is alive and well. And while Ritch can dig deep on vocals, he's equally adept at hitting the emotion and raw power needed when the chorus of "Goddamn, pusherman / Pray to God he understands / We'll all have hell to pay / When time comes for our judgment day" kicks in.

On top of Ritch's powerful vocals, guitarists Randy Cooper and newcomer Wes Wallace get to unleash some wailingly wicked licks, while drummer Timmy Braun pounds away behind the kit and bassist John Exall delivers the dastardly low end needed to get the song off and running.

'Peacemaker' is featured on the album of the same name, which arrives Aug. 14 via Carved Records. Pre-orders are available in various bundles here or digitally at iTunes. Texas Hippie Coalition are currently on tour through Aug. 25, and return in September for a handful of dates with Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Listen to Texas Hippie Coalition's 'Peacemaker'

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