Welcome back to The Almost. With Aaron Gillespie spending the last few years taking part in Underoath's reunion, he's now found some time to resume his solo band The Almost, announcing a new album called Fear Caller and releasing a new song and video for "Chokehold."

The track, heard in the video player at the bottom of this post, starts off in a somber manner, picking up a bit with some industrial percussion and building momentum into the verse and chorus. The accompanying clip centers on a darkened, isolated creature who is avoiding the light at all costs, but as the lyrics indicate with "come alive in the darkness," the one true period of being alive seems to come at dusk as the sun gives way to the night.

"It's a story of my childhood that really comes apart in the bridge discussing my father," Gillespie says. "The song essentially explains how I got to be the way I am. I need the chokehold to succeed. It's one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written." Watch the video below.

For this latest album, Gillespie found inspiration in the desert. "I have a romantic affinity for the desert," he says. "There are so many untold stories and hidden truths. The beginning of our thoughts and existence as a people happened out there. For me, it was a cathartic experience. It's something I've never done. I needed to get out there with the ghosts and see what would happen."

"I'm continually striving to be more honest in terms of my feelings, my music, and how I deal with things," continues Gillespie. "I’m talking about each subject as a vignette. The stories are individual experiences. It's truly the most honest I've ever been in songs."

The band has signed to Fearless Records for this album, which will drop on Oct. 18. The artwork and track listing can be viewed below. Pre-orders for Fear Caller are being taken here.

The Almost, "Chokehold"

The Almost, Fear Caller Artwork + Track Listing:

Fearless Records
Fearless Records

"I Want It Real"
"Tame a Lion"
"Over and Underneath"
"I Think I Am"
"Ain't No King"
"In God's Country"
"I Won't Miss"
"Fear Caller"
"Why Do You Bother Me"

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