When it came time to record the title track for their latest album Last of Our Kind, The Darkness asked fans to send in their own performance of the song, and a "Darkness Army" of over 500 people was incorporated into the audio recording.

The band also invited 15 of those fans to participate in the video shoot for the song. The black-and-white clip that you can watch above features the band performing and the fans doing their best lip synching, air guitar shredding and air drumming.

In an exclusive track-by-track breakdown with Loudwire, frontman Justin Hawkins and guitarist Dan Hawkins talked about the title track:

DH: I guess that’s probably not one of the most ’80s song on the record; possibly one of the most ’80s songs ever made. [Laughs]

JH: The lyric of it is inspired by that film Hawk the Slayer. It’s kind of a swords and sorcery thing. Anyway, Hawk the Slayer, there’s this bit where it’s a little bit like The Hobbit, he’s got a few friends around him; one is a giant, one is an elf, one of them is a dwarf with a hearty appetite and he’s really handy with a whip and there’s a guy who has lost half his hand and is a great crossbow enthusiast.

It’s just about going to battle with the baddie and the elf is lamenting the fact that when they go into this battle, if he is killed, that’s the end of his entire civilization. These baddies have wiped out his whole family and it’s just him, he’s the last of his kind. So, it’s kind of inspired by that.

When you finish an album and you’re sort of getting ready to show it to the press, it does feel like you’re about to pop your head up and charge into battle. I was trying to make it into a song that’s about being an elf that’s going into battle and releasing an album.

DH: It’s got a great guitar solo on it. I haven’t heard a solo like that on a record in a long time.

JH: Since the Top Gun soundtrack! [Laughs] There’s a couple Kenny Loggins guitar solos on the album.

"Last of Our Kind" follows on the heels of the band's popular videos for "Barbarian" and "Open Fire." The Darkness will be embarking on a fall North American tour that kicks off Oct. 9 in Pomona, Calif.

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