The Devil Wears Prada will be releasing the concept EP Space on Aug. 21 via Rise Records. The cover art and track listing are below, and the band has unveiled the song "Supernova" from the EP (listen above).

Vocalist Mike Hranica says, "We wanted each song on the Space EP to have a specificity about it, to have its own identity separate from the others, to have its own sound, but still have them all united in concept.  We talked about a lot of different themes, but 'space' just felt right."

Hranica continues, "Making this EP was a great experience because it allowed me to open up my imagination and creativity, not to be hindered by having too much knowledge of the subject and become overly analytical, being able to write a more fictional narrative.  We really look forward to making more records like this."

A variety of pre-order bundles that include merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, stickers and posters in addition to CD and vinyl are available at this location.

In a recent chat with Loudwire, Hranica talked about what TDWP have planned for the rest of 2015: "We’re going to be touring this summer [on Mayhem Festival, which kicks off June 26] and we’re looking forward to it and after that just the Space EP. I think we might take some time to write. We’re putting together a tour for the very end of the year and I think it might be cool to get together and start writing again before that."

Rise Records

The Devil Wears Prada, Space Track Listing

1.  "Planet A"
2.  "Alien"
3.  "Moongod"
4.  "Interlude" (instrumental)
5.  "Supernova"
6.  "Asteroid"