The Melvins will release a five-song EP titled 'The Bulls and the Bees' on March 13 as a free download via

Melvins fans are in for a big year in terms of new music; the group just recently announced that they will also be releasing a full-length album titled 'Freak Puke' on June 5. These projects are the band's first major studio release since 2010's excellent 'The Bride Screamed Murder.'

The two new projects will feature different lineups. Founding guitarist / singer Buzz Osbourne and longtime drummer Dale Crover will be joined by bassist Trevor Dunn in a new trio lineup dubbed 'Melvins Lite' for the full-length 'Puke' record.

However, it will be the more recently common four-piece lineup (augmented by Big Business members Coady Willis and Jared Warren) that appears on both the 'Bulls' EP and the group's upcoming spring tour.

The Melvins are also in the process of re-releasing their recent live album 'Sugar Daddy' as a 13-record set of split 12" vinyl singles, featuring songs from other artists on the B-side.

Listen to The Melvins Perform 'The War on Wisdom' From 'The Bulls & the Bees'