It's a little daunting being a celeb at times and as we've seen over the years, entertainers of all kinds have gone to great lengths for a little bit of normalcy by attempting to disguise themselves in public. That happened again over the weekend as actors Jared Leto and Mark Ruffalo were able to walk the floor at the New York Comic Con, but went relatively unnoticed. That's because both actors went in disguise, and apparently had a blast doing so.

Leto, who also fronts Thirty Seconds to Mars, is likely to be recognized by fans of either his acting or music careers, but his elaborate costume that only left his eyes truly unmasked managed to fool a majority of Con goers. The actor-singer also managed to spot one fan dressed as his Joker character from the upcoming Suicide Squad film and posed for a photo that he tweeted out with the caption "He has no idea."

As for Ruffalo, the Avengers star also donned a mask and posed for a few photos as well, thanking the New York Comic Con for the hospitality and speaking about what a great time he had hiding out and enjoying. Check out their photos below:

Suicide Squad has been one of the most buzzed about films since it arrived on the movie schedule. The David Ayer-directed film finds many of the DC Comics villains being forced to band together as part of a dangerous black ops mission to save the world and gain their freedom in the process. At present, the film, which stars Leto, Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Cara Delevingne and others, is on schedule for an August 2016 release.

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