Canadian rockers Three Days Grace have been using social networking to clue fans in on a big announcement that they were planning to drop today. As anticipated, the good news includes confirmation of the album title and a release date for their upcoming fourth studio disc.

The band confirmed the rumors that their new disc will be titled ‘Transit of Venus’ and is due out on Oct. 2 of this year. The news was shared via the video below posted on their website, providing some insight into the significance for their out of this world album title choice.

The video clip kicks off with a quote dating back to 1882 from poet, physician and professor Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., that says, “A black, round spot, - and that is all / Such a speck our earth would be / If he who looks upon the stars / Through the red atmosphere of Mars / Could see our little creeping ball.

A brief astronomy lesson: the transit of Venus is when the planet passes between the Sun and the Earth, and can be seen from our soil as a black disc moving across the sun. It only happens roughly every 243 years and just happens to be going down today (June 5). The band even provided a link to a live webcast for fans to check out.

The video, posted below, also shows some clips of the band presumably in the studio. No word yet on when the first single might drop but we'll keep you posted.

'Transit of Venus' will be the follow up to Three Days Grace 2009 release 'Life Starts Now.' Check out more on the album here.

Watch the New Video From Three Days Grace

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