Three Days Grace’s latest album, 2009’s ‘Life Starts Now,’ has evolved into one gigantic single, spawning angst-y, coming-of-age hard rock hits such as ‘The Good Life,’ ‘Break’ and ‘Lost in You.’ So, considering the album dropped a whole two years ago, when can fans expect more fist-pumping heavy music anthems? According to frontman Adam Gontier, a fresh set of songs may be out as early as 2012.

“We’re working on the next record right now. Whether or not it’s going to be another year until it comes out, I don’t think so. It might be a shorter period this time around,” Gontier told Grand Rapids, Mich., radio station WGRD. “We’re working on a new record now, and we’re almost there, so we’ll see what happens.”

As for the direction of the release, Gontier says, lyrically, he finds new inspiration every day. “I think [our last record] was a bit positive, maybe in the sense that we were trying to look at the world in a different way, because we’d been through a lot of different things. Life starts now, in general, for us is living life on life’s terms. You can’t really change what happens in life, so we tied to look at it in a positive light. But, all our music always comes from emotion. Whether it’s positive emotion or negative emotion, there’s always something to write about.

“No matter how good things look on the outside, there’s always something more the other guys and I need to get out and we need to express, and that’s what we do, and that’s why we do what we do it. I think the emotion that we have is always going to be there.”