Today Is the Day are one of the most unique acts to fall under the generous wingspan of metal's umbrella. Their fourth album, Temple of the Morning Star, is regarded as a cornerstone of the noise / experimental metal style, and is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a deluxe edition reissue (details below) courtesy of The End Records. They've teamed up with Loudwire for the music video debut of the remastered album track "Blindspot."

The difference in recording quality is immediately noticeable with a crisper guitar tones and a less muffled, boomy low end resonating through the subwoofer. "Blindspot" accomplishes a lot in under two minutes, hinging on a jagged groove and Steve Austin's familiar distorted vocals shouting with a strict rhythmic cadence. As for the video, it runs through mixed media with a news ticker along the bottom and shots of news clips along with Austin staring directly into the camera, sporting a few different looks.

We'll let Steve Austin take it from here as he elaborated on the music video,

Blindspot ​is a snapshot, looking down on earth and all off the hatred and violence going on.
The masses being controlled by the media and big money calling all of the shots. When I wrote the song long ago, I was inspired by the ​​Los Angeles ​b​ank ​r​obbery guys that came out firing in bullet proof vests. They just kept getting hit and didn’t go down. It was out of control.

When we ​shot​ the video, I wanted to create a psychedelic explosion. I hate ​cable ​n​ews. Mainstream cable news constantly tries to terrify us with crime, murder, terror ​and​ corruption. It is truly a freak show of sorts.

Filmmaker David Hall and I got together and created an extreme version of reality, TV and real life, while having a little fun. It was great to shoot it with a close friend. Total freedom of expression. Sometimes you just gotta let go and just not give a f--k about what anyone thinks. Anger is an energy.

The 20th anniversary reissue of Temple of the Morning Star is out now via The End. You can also order exclusive bundles on Pledge Music, including signed T-Shirt / CD / DVD / 2LP bundles that come with an automatic album download. For digital orders, head to iTunes.

The CD / DVD edition includes a newly remastered copy of the album with bonus tracks ("Miracle" demo, "Pinnacle" demo, "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" demo and "Temple of the Morning Star" demo) and a DVD of Today Is the Day live at the Whisky A Go-Go from 1997. The 2LP option will include a remastered vinyl copy of the album and another LP containing the aforementioned bonus tracks as well as the audio from that '97 Whisky A Go-Go show.

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