Trivium have great energy and chemistry when tearing up a stage, and they have been doing a lot of that while out on tour promoting their latest album ‘In Waves.’ But now we apparently know where that chemistry comes from.

Loudwire recently spoke with Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto, drummer Nick Agusto and guitarist Corey Beaulieu, who all spilled the beans on their love of underwear and Jack Daniels, in addition to revealing the surprising reason the band is so close.

You guys are on the road a whole lot, what’s your favorite thing to bring on tour (no electronics).

Nick Agusto: Jack Daniels

Paolo Gregoletto: Lots of underwear.

Corey Beaulieu: I’ll have to go with Nick’s answer, well you obviously have to bring clothes, too.

PG: Corey just wears a leather jacket and has Jack Daniels, that’s it.

CB: Jack Daniels underwear.

I’ve seen you guys numerous times and there’s such good chemistry onstage, why do you think that is?

PG: [Laughs]

CB: You’re going to think of something screwed up.

Out with it Paolo.

PG: You said we have such good chemistry onstage, I would say that’s ‘cause we got good chemistry in the bedroom. The band that sleeps together stays together.

CB: On days off ,we all hang out at Russian bath houses.

In your Jack Daniels underwear?

CB: Oh, you don’t even need underwear for that.

PG: You just put the bottle right in front of your b----. [Laughs] I’ve been wanting to say that thing every time somebody’s like, ‘You got great chemistry.’ I just instantly think of that.

Well, I’m glad you finally said it.

PG: I had to do it, I had to get it off my chest. I’ve been dying to. [Laughs]