Earlier this month (Jan. 12), Scott Weiland joined Velvet Revolver onstage for a charity show. The brief reunion sparked a lot of questions, the obvious one being, could this lead to a permanent reunion?

After their four song set, the band posted a message on their website saying, ‘New Velvet Revolver coming,’ leading fans to speculate that maybe Weiland was back for good. Drummer Matt Sorum was recently asked about the possibility but kept pretty tight lipped on the subject.

96.7 KCAL Rocks caught up with Sorum at this year’s NAMM event in Anaheim, Calif., and asked him about the experience and the long term impact for Velvet Revolver. On playing with Weiland again, Sorum said, “It was cool, man. We hadn't played together in a long time. We sound checked a few songs.” He continued to describe the show, saying, “We only played, like, three songs. But it was cool to be on stage and play music again. It was like riding a bike. Everyone had a good time and we raised some money for a really sad situation."

Sorum also opened up about mending fences with Weiland, “Me and Scott worked out some stuff backstage and had a talk, and that was nice. He came up to me and he was real humble and really cool. 'Cause stuff happens when you're out on the road and people are tired and you say sh--. Everything is on the internet now, you can't get away with anything.”

When the big question was raised about Weiland’s possible permanent return to the band, Sorum steered clear of the subject, saying only, "I don't know, we'll see what happens.” He added, “Slash is booked up for about another year, so I don't know what's gonna go on with anything, to be honest. We haven't discussed it. I don't know. I can't say. It hasn't really been discussed, so I don't wanna speak out of turn."

So, that still leaves the door open for Weiland's return, doesn’t it? Tell us what you think. Do you want Weiland to return or is it time for VR to move on without him?

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