If you think Volbeat are big in the United States, just imagine what it's like when they play in their homeland. Over 37,000 people packed Tusindarsskoven in Odense, Denmark, on Saturday (Aug. 1) for what will be the band's last performance of 2015 and they set a record in the process. Volbeat have now played the biggest headline show ever by a domestic rock band in Denmark.

Bolstered by support sets from Accept and Danish rockers Konkhra, the fans in attendance got a full-on hard rocking show. With such a big show in the offing, the band pulled out a few surprises during the performance. "The Devil's Bleeding Crown" made its live debut at the show, while Pernille Rosendahl from The Storm, Jakob Oelund, Hank Shermann and Dawn of Demise's Scott Jensen also made guest appearances.

Rosendahl joined in on "Mary Ann's Place" and "The Lonesome Rider," while Oelund lent his talents to "The Lonesome Rider" and "16 Dollars." Shermann turned up during the encore performance of "Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza," while Jensen also turned up on the encore favorite "Evelyn."

As expected, such standards as "Lola Montez," "The Hangman's Body Count" and "Heaven Nor Hell" all were performed during the set, while the encore included the intro to "Find That Soul," followed by "Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza," "The Garden's Tale" (sung solely by Michael Poulsen), "Evelyn" and the show closer "Still Counting."

With touring done for 2015, look for Volbeat to turn their attention to their next studio album. Check out photos from the Odense, Denmark, show provided by photographer Morten Rygaard in the gallery above.

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