Danish metallers Volbeat have made their fans very happy with their latest release ‘Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies,’ but they already have ideas swirling around for future material.

When Volbeat came to New York City on their headlining trek earlier this year we caught up with frontman Michael Poulsen who spoke at length about the song ‘The Nameless One’ and how the story and themes of this specific track will carry over onto their next album.

Poulsen says of ‘The Nameless One,’ “It’s a song that’s going to continue on the next album, lyrically it will continue. It’s about this young couple who was flirting around with spiritual forces. They played some cards where they somehow invoke some spirits from the 1800s -- they came in contact with some tombstones from the 1800s and they actually end up selling their own souls to the nameless one and they have no idea who the nameless one is.”

The vocalist continues, “The next thing that happens is that they wake up in a coffin and they hear someone banging on the top of the coffin and it’s the outlaw who is crushing the coffin and pulls them up and says, ‘You lost your soul to the nameless one and my duty is to take you to the nameless one. Follow me and my riders into the dark.’”

Poulsen concludes, “That’s what the song is about, this couple waking up in the 1800s because they’ve been flirting with spiritual cards and they end up, by mistake, selling their souls to the nameless one and the next story or the next album is going to be about who is the nameless one and what does he want with that couple?”

Time traveling to the 1800s, spiritual forces, soul selling? Count us in! In the meantime Volbeat are traveling around the world in present day. For a full list of tour dates, go here.