Duff McKagan and Barrett Martin are seeing quite a bit of each other. Not only are the Guns N' Roses bassist and Screaming Trees drummer paired up doing music for their band Levee Walkers with Mike McCready, but they've also resumed their recording for their other band Walking Papers. In fact, fans can now circle Jan. 19 on their calendar for the second Walking Papers album, titled WP2. Check out a teaser video, the album artwork and track listing below.

McKagan and Martin are joined in the band by The Missionary Position cohorts Jefferson Angell on vocals and guitar and Benjamin Anderson on keys and together they're looking to continue the momentum forged on their debut disc. As those who heard the debut might expect, this sophomore set features more of the straight-ahead muscular rock with some blues infusion that populated their first effort.

"This record has exceeded my expectations of what I thought that might be," says Angell. "It perfectly captures the raw, explosive energy of a band primed from extensive touring while at the same time achieving the polish and elevation that comes from experimenting in the studio."

With a release date locked in, Walking Papers have launched a PledgeMusic campaign for pre-orders of the disc. In addition to the music, you can add on items such as Walking Papers t-shirts and knit caps, sticker sets, handwritten lyrics from the group, a studio visit or signed gear. One interesting item on the PledgeMusic campaign is a new song titled "This Is How It Ends" that comes with an accompanying comic book that was created by Angell with graphic novelist Matt Hayward and artist Csaba Master. Be sure to head over to the band's PledgeMusic pre-order site to see all of the options.

Walking Papers, WP2 Teaser Video

Walking Papers, WP2 Track Listing + Artwork

1. My Luck Pushed Back
2. Death on the Lips
3. Red & White
4. Somebody Else
5. Yours Completely
6. Hard to Look Away
7. Before You Arrived
8. Don’t Owe Me Nothin’
9. This Is How It Ends
10. I Know You’re Lying
11. Into the Truth

Walking Papers, WP2 Artwork

Loud & Proud
Loud & Proud

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