For this latest edition of Gear Factor, powered by Sweetwater, The Music Experience's Squiggy traveled to Los Angeles to meet up with guitar great John 5, who let us in on a little secret about how his recent single "Zoinks!" came to be.

The guitarist reveals that one of his favorite ways to write is to pull up a metronome and just riff away. For this video, John 5 just pulls up the beat on his phone, then proceeds to break down "Zoinks!."

John 5 gets a little funky at first, then showcases some of his fretboard mastery displaying a tapping portion of the song. After breaking it down, the guitarist then pulls up the song on his computer and plays along as you get to see his nimble fingers in action.

John 5 tells Squiggy that much of his music just comes from the love and passion for playing and that he hopes what he does inspires others. “I like to make it rhythmic and memorable," says the guitarist. "I’ll put some flash in there, but I just do it for fun and hopefully [to] inspire young kids to pick up and play guitar, because I really think that’s what’s most important, is to get these kids inspired just like how I was back in the day."

See the latest edition of Gear Factor featuring John 5 above.

John 5 and the Creatures are out on the road with dates booked into April on the current leg of their touring. See dates here and check out the video for "Zoinks!" below. The song is featured on his Invasion album. If you are inspired by John 5 and want to learn how to play, get started at in helping to serve your gear needs.

John 5 and the Creatures, "Zoinks!"

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