Metal fans rejoice! It was just announced that Static-X are hitting the road. That's right, frontman Wayne Static is putting his solo work aside and diving into the band's 2012 Noise Revolution Tour. Static-X will be joined by Davey Suicide and 9 Electric for the first string of dates.

We recently caught up with Static, who released a solo album called 'Pighammer' last year, and he filled us in on details of the upcoming tour, a possible new Static-X album, his thoughts on Randy Blythe and more. Check out the interview below:

Static-X is back in action and ready to hit the road this summer. What made you decide to pull the band out of hiatus and kick it into high gear?

It just felt like the right thing to do. It felt like the right time. I did my solo thing for a while and got that out of my system. It seems like the right time to get Static-X back together.

Who will make up the Static-X lineup on this tour?

Let's see, we've got Sean Davidson on the drums, Ashes on guitar; Tony [Campos] decided not to come out because he's still with Soulfly, so I got Brent Ashley in on bass guitar.

How are things between you and Tony?

You know, we've never been that close. It was always more of a business relationship, that's how it has always been. We all kind of had our chemistry onstage and then had our own lives separate from the band.

Is it the same feeling with your current band?

We all get along really good actually. It's kind of a different vibe behind the scenes. As far as onstage, though, it's all business. We all have a great time as always and put on a great show. This tour in particular, we're playing a lot of old stuff off of the first two records.

I imagine fans will be happy to hear that! Is there anything new we can expect from this tour?

I really just wanted to go back to old-school Static-X since the band has been gone for a few years. The last tour I was on I did a lot of my solo stuff, and I'm ready to get back to old-school Static-X stuff, which is actually new again.

The tour is on the top of your priority list right now, but once things wrap up, everyone is going to be wondering whether or not there will be a new Static-X album.

I'm thinking about a new record. I've got ideas in my head. I've got some ideas on tape. At this point I'm just taking it one step at a time. I'm going to go out and have some fun and play some shows and see what happens after that.

Your first show is set for July 15 in El Paso, Texas. What are you doing to get ready for that?

What I usually do for tours, you know? Rehearsals, pack up the house. This is a long tour. We're going out and will be staying out for pretty much the rest of the year so I have some extra packing to do on this one.

So what's the status of your solo stuff?

I don't know. You know, the record is still out there so I can kind of do that whenever I want!

Well, I really dug 'Pighammer.' I know your Static-X fans loved it and I'm sure you converted some new fans out there, too.

Cool, thank you, man. I thought the record turned out great. I had a great time making it and had a lot of fun doing it on my own. But I'm definitely looking forward to doing the whole band thing again, too.

I've got to ask you since it's the top story in the world of rock, and since I know you've toured with him: What do you think of the Randy Blythe situation in the Czech Republic?

I just heard about that actually, and I think it's pretty f---ed up, man. I don't know all the details, obviously I wasn't there. But anytime at a metal show, fans are going to be going crazy. Apparently he pushed somebody off the stage and they got hurt and then died. It was an accident, man. That s--- happens all the time. It's weird that they're trying to pin it on him.

I've heard from a lot of people that bands have to be even more careful now ever since the Dimebag Darrell incident.

We've always had to be careful. We had an incident back in 2001 where our drummer threw out a drumstick into the crowd and it hit someone in the eye and they were going to sue us. You just always have to be really careful with that kind of stuff. I know the Lamb of God guys. They're way mellow. They're older guys like me and super mellow. They would never do anything to hurt anyone on purpose. It's just crazy.

Watch the video for Static-X's first single, 'Push It'