Do you like Helmet? How about Unsane? Maybe even a little bit of Gorefest? There's no wrong answer, but if you said yes to any of those, then Wrong is your answer. The noise rock quartet are readying the release of Feel Great, their sophomore album, and have linked up with Loudwire to batter your ears and stimulate your eyes with a video for "Zero Cool."

There's two very distinctive halves to this jam (and we do mean jam) with some groovy riffing and mud-drenched tones domination in the first portion. Eric Hernandez (ex-Kylesa drummer), handles guitar and vocals, and his gruff vocals throw some extra dirt on the track, which then begins to decay at the halfway mark, as controlled feedback and other scratchy noises create a sonic Hellscape over the final two minutes.

"The video was put together by the talented Frank Huang. He just took the song and ran with it and that’s pretty much what it looks like in our heads," the band said of the video which bleeds with early '90s-styled filters and trip-gone-bad clips.

Check out the artwork and track listing for Feel Great below. The album arrives on April 13 on Relapse Records and pre-orders can be placed here.

Wrong, Feel Great Track Artwork + Listing


1. Errordome
2. Culminate
3. Pustule
4. Nice Job
5. Feel Great
6. Upgrade
7. Crawl Instead
8. Come Apart Mend
9. Zero Cool
10. Gape
11. Anaerobic

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